Aceflux i Enterprise

An incident investigator by transform machine data with real time insights

Aceflux i enterprise enables analyzing most complex and high data volume generated from sensor, machine and computer which helping organization to proactively mitigate different risks.

Collect. Process. Informative.

Troubleshoot faster, reduce mean time to resolution, Operational Intelligence with real-time visibility and critical insights


Detect and respond to potential problems early.


Rapidly derive value from logs.


Work collaboratively between development and operations.


Analyze and explore log data efficiently using Machine Learning.


Explore logs specific to the application experiencing the problem.


Gain real-time operational insight across availability of applications.

we have the solution for you.

  • Analyzing huge volume data
  • Handling different data formats
  • Data intensive environment
  • Identifying the problem root cause
  • Machine & equipment breakdown prediction
  • Process optimization
Business Impact
  • Proactively detect and investigate incidents
  • Optimum productivity
  • Optimum efficiency level
  • Real time prediction of the machine
  • Problem resolution in time
  • Reduce unexpected system downtime
  • Effective management process
Benefits / Solution
  • Real time problem investigation
  • Real-time alerts to monitor around the clock
  • Analysing complex patterns data
  • Identification root cause in time
  • Avoid service degradation or outages
  • Alerts via Emails, message, alarm, voice, etc..
  • Desktop or mobile formate dashboards